When hurricanes strike, plumbing overflows, and bathtubs run over, it’s time for a flood dry down in Boynton Beach. Unfortunately, many property owners assume that a simple pat and dry from a towel will solve all of their issues. Drying your floor with a towel could leave your home with water damage and make it susceptible to mold growth. The harsh reality is that water damage requires an expert, and here’s why:

An Improper Flood Dry Down in Boynton Beach Could Lead to Mold 

The biggest thing to worry about with an improper flood dry down is mold. Mold can begin growing with 24 hours in the right conditions. South Florida tends to be a state that produces the perfect weather for the fungus, making water damage a more serious matter. When property owners attempt a dry on their own, they may think that after the water is gone, all is okay. However, the devastation that is left behind is what one should be worried about the most.  

Not only are rugs, carpets, wood and laminate flooring, and drywall all ruined, but the chairs and fabrics of furniture may be too. A professional dry down company will help homeowners and property owners dry their valuables and belongings as efficiently as possible. They will also bring peace of mind, as they evaluate and plan strategically. It’s tempting to use a towel and call it good, but unfortunately, it won’t do the job.  

At Best Restorations, Inc. we’re a fast, emergency restoration and remediation company. Our team of certified professionals can assess the damage, and help you create a direct plan of action. With water damage, time is of the essence. If you’re experiencing standing water in your home or business, contact Best Restorations, Inc. today for a flood dry down in Boynton Beach. 561-819-5550 is the only number you’ll need to handle your ocean of a situation.