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    If mold, wind, fire, or water have damaged your home, Best Restorations, Inc. has the tools to remove the damage, then perform a masterful property restoration. Based in Boynton Beach, Best Restorations is only a short drive from our customers in Palm Beach, Wellington, and Palm Beach Gardens.

    Property Restoration after Water Damage in Palm Beach

    Filled with waterways, right next to the Atlantic, and frequently on the path of hurricanes, Southeast Florida often sees extensive flooding and water damage. Right at the edge of the ocean, the waterfront properties of Palm Beach are especially vulnerable.

    Best Restorations, Inc. has the equipment and know-how to deal with water-damaged property. We are skilled at property restoration, transforming flood-damaged homes in Palm Beach neighborhoods like East Shore, Walton, and Tangier Estates.

    Property Restoration

    Mold Remediation & Property Restoration in Boynton Beach

    Mold occurs naturally in the presence of moisture and warmth, and Southeast Florida has plenty of both. In your Boynton Beach home, mold can cause skin irritation, sneezing, and respiratory congestion, among other unpleasant effects.

    Best Restorations, Inc. has technicians licensed by Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) to safely perform mold remediation. Once we’ve completed the mold remediation in your Boynton Beach ranch house, Best Restorations will replace mold-damaged materials as part of our extensive property restoration process. We’ll make sure that refurbished walls, ceilings, and floors are structurally sound, and that they seamlessly blend with your existing structure.

    Property Restoration after Fire & Smoke Damage in Your Wellington Home

    House fires can cause serious devastation…and smoke damage can be even more widespread and lingering than the destruction from the fire itself.

    If you’ve had a blaze in your Sheffield Woods condo, you need a property restoration company who understands the insidious nature of fire and smoke damage. Best Restorations, Inc. is experienced at fire and smoke remediation. Our property restoration at your Wellington home will replace fire- and smoke-damaged walls, cabinets, flooring, and ceilings with new materials that perfectly match your existing décor.

    Property Restoration after Wind Damage in Palm Beach Gardens

    Gale-force and hurricane winds can rip roofing tiles right off of your Hampton Cay home. When you’ve had wind damage in Palm Beach Gardens, the skilled staff at Best Restorations will undertake the property restoration, quickly repairing your roof.

    If wind damage has torn some of the siding off of your Ballen Isles bungalow, Best Restorations’ team will perform a property restoration that removes any damage and restores the exterior of your home.


    All Your Property Restoration Needs Met in Palm Beach County

    Best Restorations is known throughout Palm Beach County for our prompt and thorough response to home emergencies such as flooding, wind damage, and smoke damage. We also have the training and experience to help you rebuild when the crisis is over.


    As a licensed Florida general contractor, Best Restorations is equipped to get your home back in shape after mold, wind, water, and fire have done their worst.

    Call us at (561) 819-5550, or drop us a line at [email protected]. We’ll send over a member of our staff to assess what kind of damage remediation and property restoration are needed in your home.

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