If you own a relatively old house, chances are once in a while it requires some repair and touchup works on it. It could be for a wide variety of reasons such as water damage, basement flooding, mold damage, destruction done by rodents, or even the simple wear and tear over time. We, at Best Restorations Inc., bring to you our expert cleaning services in an easy and quick way. We make it a point to go deep into the very foundations of the house to find out what is wrong with it. We then attack the problem to remove it root and stem with no possibility of it returning back. We use a combination of machines, chemicals, and working knowledge to get the job done. One of the very unique features of our firm is that we conduct inspections of the house a while after the job is done. We serve customers in the areas of Boynton Beach, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Wellington. 

Mold Damage in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm BeachHere, we have put together 3 reasons why it is vital that you should get rid of fungus of any kind from your home. Take a look. 

  • Damage to Structure  

Firstly, fungus has the property of causing damage to the very foundation of your house. If not checked on time it can cause substantial rot and weakening of the wood upon which the rest of the house is built. This can cause an accident if not removed and the rotten parts replaced. 

  • Spread of Infections  

Secondly, you must remember that mold is caused by water retention in the walls. It causes a droughty air to remain in the house. It can not only make your house colder but the thick air can cause skin infections and breathing problems in adults and children alike.  

  • Resale Value 

If you have resale in your mind, then getting rid of rotten parts of the house is a must. It will allow you to sell at a good price since the place will look and feel much nicer. 

So, if you have this problem in your home, get in touch with us as soon as possible.