Mold Remediation

gloved hands with the laboratory tubesFlorida Law now states that you need to be licensed by the DBPR in order to legally perform mold remediation. Best Restorations, Inc has 5 licensed Mold Remediators on Staff to better serve you.

Mold is a fact of life in Florida. Think of it as the price we pay for having beautiful weather and sunshine year-round. The recipe for mold growth is simple: start with an intrusion of water, excess condensation or moisture.  Then add a little time, and bingo: Mold!

Mold is naturally occurring in our environment. It lives outside our propery. Once it gets inside, then you’ve got a problem. It is a well know fact that prolonged exposure to indoor mold can be detrimental to your health.

Mold is relatively easy to eliminate when you know what you are doing. Best Restorations combines the latest technology with time-tested procedures to safely remove mold from your property. We restore your home to a healthy habitable environment.

Successful, third party, post-remediation testing on our mold cleaning and remediation gives you – and us – the peace of mind we both require.


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